Rajiv Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary

19 February 2014

The Rajiv Gandhi National Park is also known as the Nagarhole National Park. It is situated 90 kilometers from Mysore and is a natural home to the migratory birds, animals. People come here in order to witness the exclusive and rare animals which reside in the depths of the Rajiv Gandhi National Park.

The latter name has been derived from the Kannada words Naga which signifies snake and the word Hole comes from the Indian word of the connotation streams. The Rajiv Gandhi National Park has its border lying adjacent to the Bandipur National Park.

The Rajiv Gandhi National Park was established in the year 1955 and later in the year 1974 the extension of the park was further elongated across the borders of Mysore. The landscape of the Rajiv Gandhi National Park is exclusive and mind blowing.

It consists of a diverse variety of flora and fauna. This includes the Panther, Chital, Sloth Bear, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Jackal and Wild Dog. The Rajiv Gandhi National Park consists of 250 varieties of birds and that find a natural home in the Nagarhole National Park.

93 kilometer away there is another place of tourist attraction. Varieties of animals like Sloth Bear, Chital, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Crested Ha3wk Eagle and Wild Dog reside here. Numerous other animals and birds are also found at the Rajiv Gandhi National Park.

Moreover there are Hawk Eagles, crested serpent eagle and also some other exclusive varieties of animals. There are some nice and handy lodges located near the National Park for the help of the tourists and the ideal time is to arrive at the park before the dusk at 6.00 pm.

In summer March- May the temperature at the National Park does not rise above 33 degree centigrade. During the winter season the temperature drops to 14 degrees. The route to the city of Bangalore is easy if one takes the flight straight to Mysore city and then arrive at the Rajiv Gandhi National Park.

Both Rail and Road connections to the state is available. The wildlife at the Sanctuary would enable a person to ponder over the admirable and variegated creation of Nature.