Khammam Fort

19 February 2014

Fort in Khammam


Construction of the Khammam Fort (India) was initiated around 950 when the Telugu area (now Andhra Pradesh) was ruled by the Kakatiya dynasty (10th – 13th century). Later, Musunuri Nayaks and Velama kings were involved in the construction of the fort situated on the hill. It was completed in the year 1000 and was under control of Reddy dynasty. Subsequently the Qutb Shahi kingdom (1531) developed further both Khammam Fort and other parts of the region. Khammam Fort represents both Hindu and Muslim architectural influences. The fort has celebrated 1000 years of existence and is set to become a major tourist spot. It is developed as a tourist spot by the government. This fort was built with granite and has an area of around 4 square kilometers, has 10 enpoints. And it has a Masjed and Mahal (palace)Including Ashoor Khanas built and renovated by Nawab Shoukat Jung Hussam Ud Doulah and his son Nawab Kazim Jung and grand son Nawab Mohd Shabbir Hussain Khan Azm.