19 February 2014

Auditorium In Khammam Area


  • Bhakta Ramadasu Kala Kshetram, Bhakta Ramadasu Kala Kshetram has been a prestigious National auditorium, constructed by the Goverment of Andhra Pradesh in the name of Sri.Bhakta Ramadasu(kancherla Gopanna) was devotee of Sri Rama and composer of carnatic music hall.


Key features of the Auditorium:


  • Plinth area of the theatre/Building is 2,295 Sq Yards.
  • Seating capacity:1104seats (768 seats in the main auditorium and 336 seats in the balcony.
  • Stage dimensions;Area of 105 Wide, 48,deep and 38,high; has proscenium opening of (37X18)  with( 42x30) wooden floor as performing area.
  • Well equipped sound reinforcement system with 12 channela for microphones with loud speakers distributed over entire auditorium.
  • Set of painted curtains, side-wings with rotatory movement. Counter Weight flys for quick change of scenes are also provided.